Miranda Cosgrove Takes You Behind The Scenes Of 'About You Now'

Tween dream Miranda Cosgrove is kinda the luckiest girl ever -- not only does she have excellent taste (she loves Paramore, and has a better wardrobe than I do), but she's also the star of her own TV show, iCarly, she gets to hang out with both Drake AND Josh, and she got to squeeze into a photo booth with Diego Gonzalez for her new video, "About You Now."

If she weren't such a living doll, I'd almost hate her, because seriously, she looks like a miniature Catherine Zeta Jones but not scary. But I'll reign in that quick-to-boil jealousy ('tisn't the season for haters, after all), and give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into "About You Now," which premieres tonight right after Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, on Nick at 8pm ET.

+ Watch the clip below, and check out Drake and Josh's take on "Jingle Bells," requisite awful holiday sweaters and all.