Buzz Bites -- 12/4/2008: Lil Wayne, Coldplay Up For Every Grammy Imaginable, Katy Perry Largely Overlooked

+ The Grammy's are coming! The Grammy's are coming! Lil Wayne's leading the pack with 8 nominations, Coldplay's close behind with (lucky number!) 7, Ne-Yo's got six, newcomer/Missy Elliott protege Jazmine Sullivan's up there with 5, and our beloved Jo Bros could take home Best New Artist. OMJ!! (MTV News)

+ Sadly, not everyone seems to be getting the recognition they deserve. Katy Perry (whose "I Kissed A Girl" was, arguably, the biggest song of '08) got shafted -- and we didn't like it. Perry received a Best Female Pop Vocals nod but won't be up for Best Record, Album or Song of the Year, or -- more importantly -- Best New Artist. Sigh. (Grammy)

+ Meanwhile, our friendzies at BWE have broken down the Album of the Year nominees into five simple categories. Our fave? Robert Plant & Alison Krauss' Raising Sand, a.k.a. "The Album That No One Has Heard Of Or Possesses Any Evidence That It Actually Exists, But Holy Sh*t, We Have To Let It Win." (Best Week Ever)

+ International superstar Kanye West to put aside his music career and become a lowly fashion intern instead. (NYT, via Gawker)

+ Also? When Kanye's done playing fashionista, he won't be going back to rapping. "Hip-hop is over for me," 'Ye says. "I now want to be grouped [alongside] the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles. And I'm not going to get there by doing just another rap album full of samples." (ContactMusic)

+ A photog is suing total non-couple Chris Brown and Rihanna for allegedly roughing him up -- and stealing his $3K camera. (Scandalist)

+ Diddy's never been one for subtlety, a fact made clear by the name of the Bad Boy mogul's newest fragrance: I Am King. (Remote Control)

+ Is teen queen Miley Cyrus seriously filing for legal emancipation (i.e. divorcing her parents) so she can (continue to?) date 20-year-old underwear models and run away with all her cash money? Eh, probably not. (PopCrunch)