Watch Britney's 'Circus' Video This Friday, Dec. 5 @ 8pm ET On


You've seen the documentary (you HAVE seen "Britney: For The Record," yes?). You've vicariously enjoyed her birthday cake. You know almost all the steps to "Womanizer." You've bought as many copies of Circus as your local record store/ Target/ Wallyworld/ online music service would allow.

So now it's almost time for once of Britney's most theatrical performance of the week -- the MTV premiere of her highly anticipated "Circus" video, directed by Francis Lawrence, who directed her "I'm A Slave 4 U" video.

+ Watch "Circus" on and this Friday, December 5 at 8pm ET (in all of its entirety, no scratches or blurry, jarring jumps that come from sneaky leakers!) and see why Britney -- once again her own ringleader -- is back in charge and back on top, both under the big top and on the chart tops.