Watch 'Britney: For The Record' Again... And Again... Starting Tonight at 8pm On

You'd BEST believe I asked the waiter for the check on the QUICK and sped home (in my mind... while doing the speed limit) this past Sunday to catch "Britney: For The Record." Then I watched it again. And so did Erica.

And so will you. Starting tonight at 8pm ET, you can watch the entire Britney documentary right here -- from top to bottom and back, round and round again (just like a "Circus"... sorry... so much Britney on the brain) -- for a poignant, flaws-and-all look at an honest, mature, and insightful Britney Spears discussing her tumultuous time as a paparazzi plaything and her road to recovery.

Until then, check out three clips from the show -- Britney discussing why she doesn't like to be labeled a victim, and -- after the jump -- the infamous head-shaving incident, and why you should definitely not call it a comeback.