Wise Buys: Trovata's 'Lovers Love Life' Tee

Look at you, just sittin' there, wishing with your wishes and wants, making your Kwannakamus list, wishin' for a pretty pony, and the new Britney album, and the new Lily Allen album (it's not ready already!), and "Wii Music," and a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Well add Trovata's "Lovers Love Life" t-shirt to your list. It's just $29.99 (you're welcome, Mom), and all of the proceeds go to the Staying Alive Foundation, which funds global HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention campaigns.

Don't you just love how the mod lettering says "I'm stylish" while subtly encouraging the use of a connie? 'Tis the always season to get tested, after all!

Pick up a limited-edition tee at Urban Outfitters or the MTV Shop, and check out Buzzworthy crush Kid Sister, with Trovata creative director John Whitledge at a launch event for the collabo.