Buzz Bites -- 12/3/2008: K-Fed Still Loves Britney! Even Though She Fully 'Blindsided' Him With That Whole Divorce Thingy

+ Kevin Federline sez he was, like, totally shocked when Britney filed for divorce. "I was trying to work stuff out with her," claims K-Fed, who swears he was "completely blindsided." Still, Kev insists he's got nothin' but love for his ex. "That's the mother of my children. Just because I'm not in love with her doesn't mean that I don't love her. I'm [still] rooting for her." (MTV News)

+ Hey, ya know who else is rooting for Britney? EVERYONE. Spears' "Don't call it a comeback" tour continued last night with a circus-themed birthday celebration in NYC, where Britney was joined by celeb pals Lance Bass, Ciara, Heidi Klum, Jeremy Piven and, of course, her moms. (MTV News)

+ Omigod, you guys! Did you know Rihanna almost didn't record her smash hit, "Umbrella?" Thankfully, she did! And now you get to think about it EVERY SINGLE TIME it's the teensiest bit overcast outside. Yay! (ContactMusic)

+ You know financial times are tough when even rapper/megamillionaire 50 Cent is feelin' the burn. (Remote Control)

+ And speaking of cost-cutting, these days, not even Diddy can afford to keep sampling other peeps' music. The horror! (Spin)

+ Jessica Simpson attributes her (relatively) newfound interest in religion to a three-part series the Discovery Channel did on The Da Vinci Code. Hey, whatever works. (Scandalist)

+ Amy Winehouse's hubby Blake Fielder-Civil is back behind bars after skipping out of rehab and testing positive for drugs. (I KNOW!) (