Buzz Bites -- 12/2/2008: Madonna And A-Rod To Share Home Base In NYC?

+ Are Madonna and A-Rod on the verge of becoming roomies?? If so, Madonna totally gets the top bunk! Kidding! But seriously, the alleged couple has (allegedly!) been looking at "private, double-width mansions in the vicinity of $30 million to $60 million." (NY Post)

+ Is Joe Jonas' new maybe-girlfriend stepping out with Twilight star Robert Pattinson? (Newsroom)

+ And, since we're feelin' so inquisitive today, we gotta ask: Is Britney Spears the new(ish) Madonna? (Best Week Ever)

+ 90's pop rocker Sarah McLachlan admits to being a closeted Miley Cyrus fan! Well, sort of. (LogoOnline)

+ And speaking of MyCy, did you know she's soooo over hating photog Annie Leibovitz?? In fact, she'd love to work with her again! Memo to Miley: Don't call her, she'll call you. (

+ Much to no one's surprise, William Balfour has just been formally charged with the murders of Jennifer Hudson's relatives. (MTV News)

+ Celebutante Victoria Beckham is sick of fending off accusations that she and her hubby are "courting fame." Never mind that their arrival to the States was trumpeted by a primetime reality debacle called Victoria Beckham: Coming To America. (Scandalist)

+ Beyonce sez she had a blast getting into character for her new flick, Cadillac Records. "The most fun thing about playing Etta [James] was using all the profanity I wanted and not getting in trouble for it!" (NY Daily News)

+ Oh, and it didn't hurt that B. Knowles looked drop-dead gorgeous at the premiere. (Just Jared)

+ Tokio Hotel's Bill Kaulitz FINALLY reveals his "top-secret" torso tat. ZOMG, right?? (Tokio Hotel Network)