Happy Birthday Britney Spears!

Dear Britney,

We've done the math, and we've come to the conclusion that nobody's had more ups and downs than you (not counting Amy Winehouse, of course). But after watching you pour your heart out during your Britney: For the Record special as well as your Circus "of the stars" performance this morn on GMA, its obvies to us that you're hitting the comeback trail, and you're hittin that puppy HARD. We are completely, totally and unequivocally convinced that this is SO your year. We just know it.


Here's hoping ur "year of the comeback" is filled with:

+ An unforgettable, pull-out-all-the-stops, not-to-be-missed World Tour (i.e. just copy Madonna and/or Janet)

+ More killer reviews for Circus (does *anyone* not love this album?)

+ Many more gorge cover shoots, like your recent Glamour and Rolling Stone outings (next stop, Vogue?)

+ A new boy toy (Brit + ? = TLF)

+ And way less worrying and loads more (Papa Jamie-authorized) FUN!

Happy birthday 2 u

Happy Birthday too yoo

Hapee BIRTH-DAY Dear Brit Brit (!)

Happy Birthday to you!