Top 5 Reasons I'm *Still* Obsessed With Britney Spears After Watching 'Britney: For The Record'

ZOMGS, did you watch???? I did, of course (twice).

Britney Spears: For the Record was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I laughed, I cried, I danced ... I drank Red Bulls and Frappucinos. It was a truly beautiful thing.

And after a solid hour of wall-to-wall Brit-tasticness (commersh free!), mostly I was left with a renewed love for Britney Spears that simply cannot be quenched, will *not* be contained, and cannot be ignored until Brit Brit is back on top of the world, ruling the Pop Kingdom in her rightful spot as Pop Princess (yes we can!).

If you don't already love her long time, here are the top five reasons you'll be Brit obsessed, too, after watching For the Record:

5. Brit Brit is VERY funny, y'all! At one point her dad Jamie offers up a suggestion for her "Womanizer" video and actually begins to sing the song. She holds it in until he leaves the room, but she got down-n dirty with a very funny impression of her papa as soon as he left. Hilarious.

4. Though we didn't necessarily get one solid, comprehensive explanation of exactly what was going on when Brit was bringin' the crazy a few years ago, I did get the impression that Britney really does "get it" now. She was vulnerable and honest and made me want to give her a big ole hug. Best of all, she knows where's she's been, she knows where she's going, and it really seems like she's grown from this whole experience (yay for her!).

3. Despite her bucketloads of cash, Brit Brit bargain shops (or at least her assistant does for her). In mid-shopping spree, Britney took a look at a shirt and said "too expensive" before putting it back. Later on she wanted to buy a dress that she, apparently, already had many different versions of, and her trusty assistant Brett totally put the kibosh on it.

2. Her dad Jamie rocks ... and he rocks hard. Of course we all saw some typical father/daughter tension here and there, but you were also left with the sense that there is a whole lotta love between those two. While Britney obviously yearns to let down her hair a bit more (I cried like a baby when she talked about being sad), having papa Jamie around means that she'll likely never stray too far off track again. And he makes her grits! With cheese!

1. Britney works her ASS off ... and it shows. Her new album, Circus rocks; her first vid "Womanizer" RAWKS; and trust me, people, this is just the beginning. Watching Brit in rehearsals, with her dancers and shooting videos I was in TOTAL agreement with her bestie dance bud Andre Fuentes: the fire is so back in her eyes. "It's Britney, bitch" for reals ... and, oh how I've missed her ass.