Serious Stuff On World AIDS Day

We get plenty goofy on here on Buzzworthy and at MTV, but there are times when we step back to acknowledge something heavy and now is one of those times. Today is World AIDS Day, when governments, organizations and individuals around the globe concentrate efforts to raising awareness of the global AIDS pandemic.

According to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, more than 25 million have died of AIDS since 1981 and more than 33 million more are living with HIV, the retrovirus that can lead to AIDS. An epidemic of this proportion simply cannot ignored.

MTV's think community deals in the serious issues of sexually transmitted diseases every day, and today you'll find discussion about getting tested, protection, living with AIDS and much more important information that could save your life, change your mind and get you involved. Now that you're thinking about it, take a look. It's worth more than a little bit of your time.

Here on Buzzworthy, we generally deal with music. And today is no different, as we're going to let the music, make that the musicians (and one esteemed educator), do the talking. Check out videos made for think's "It's Your Sex Life" campaign, featuring Boys Like Girls, the Bravery, Wyclef Jean and Dr. Cornel West after the jump.