Exclusive Secondhand Serenade Video Preview: 'Your Call' + The Return Of FNMTV

Huge announcement: Big brother Pete Wentz and FNMTV are coming home for the holidays and mom is FREAKING out. As you can probably guess, the video premiere extravaganza happening December 5 is getting kicked into major overdrive to make it worthy of the most wonderful time of the year. Not only is Fall Out Boy gonna perform (*jaws drop*), but Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes has signed on to spin records between super exclusive premieres of Miley Cyrus’s “Fly On The Wall,” Metro Station’s “Seventeen Forever,” The Game’s “Camera Phone” and our old buddy Secondhand Serenade’s “Your Call.”

As you probably remember, California-native Secondhand Serenade (aka John Vesely aka Blake Lewis doppelganger) did a stint as a guest blogger a few months back, where he talked us through the creation of his latest album, A Twist In My Story. Well we got along so well – exchanged phone numbers and everything – that John sent us a sneak peek of his ‘FNMTV’-bound video, “Your Call,” and it is INSANE in the best way. Vesely’s sings his face off on a fantasy hillside dotted with tattoo-faced angels, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! He was born to tell you he loves you. It's probably a good idea to let him.

Watch the sneak peak below, brace yourself for a seismic FNMTV event and, if you have any sense, bookmark this entry. Any minute now you’re gonna find yourself in a turkey coma with a hunk of November still ahead of you. Secondhand Serenade is just the thing to push you through until FNMTV returns with a vengeance, this December 5!

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