Is Kanye West Morphing Into Pee Wee Herman?

Dear Kanye West,

It's obvious you're a man who truly knows his trends:

+ You're one of the first celebs to jump onto the blogging bandwagon (and you've officially jumped HARD dude, with 10+ updates a day!).

+ You love your art, and have collaborated with Japanese, pop artist Takashi Murakami.

+ Last year you brought the whole '80s, future/retro/Devo thing back with those shutter shades you sported in your "Stronger" vid.

+ You're often spotted wearing "secret sneaks" that: nobody has, everyone wants, and we all have zero clue where to buy.

So, your trend cred is fully established and IN tact.

However, you've thrown us all for a bit of loopty-loop with your latest ode to your new muse: Pee Wee Herman(!?).

(Yes, we mean THE Pee Wee, people).

You seem to be channeling PW in a big way, Yeez and we're not the only ones who've noticed. We don't want to get all "I know you are, but what am I" with you, but your look above is def borrowing heavily from Pee Wee's. I mean, you kinda look like you arrived straight from the Playhouse.

So, I guess for those of us who are keeping tabs, nerd chic is the next wave, huh?



I guess we can dig it (?)