Forever The Sickest Kids Tour Diary, Part 3: Who Wants To Be Famous?

(Credit: Candice Lawler)

When we asked the guys from Forever the Sickest Kids to lug a flipcam around on their SassyBack tour, we figured they'd come back with some blurry dressing room shots, and maybe even a Red Bull commercial or two. Instead, lead singer Jonathan Cook surprised the hell out of us by whipping out the cam IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOW, giving fans in Richmond, Virginia (and Buzzworthy readers) a chance to see things from his "point of view."

So check it out, and find out what's like to standing on stage in front of a packed house full of screaming fans. Superstardom -- turns out, it's not just for "Kids" anymore.

+ If you liked walking in Jonathan's shoes, you'll LOVE re-watching the first two FTSK tour diaries! Ready to be famous, yet?