The Maine Tour Blog, Part 3: Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful ...

'Member when we hit you with the video premiere of The Maine's track "Everything I Ask For" last week? Well, our "Maine" man Jared (that's guitar hero Jared Monaco to you!) dropped us a line asking us to find out your thoughts about the fashionista-themed vid.

So have another look at their new video, catch up on the band's most recent tour blog and read on after the jump to find out the guys have been up to since perfecting their pre-show Gregorian chant. (Hint: It involves trying to stay warm and gearing up for a tryptophan-filled Turkey Day feast!)

Hey MTV!

Today was a pretty sweet day for us! Our music video for "Everything I Ask For" premiered on mtvU and MTV Hits! Tomorrow it will be going into rotation on MTV and MTV2, so make sure you guys tune in to check it out, and of course let us know what you think! We hope you like it, we had so much fun making it.

Other than that, we've been having an awesome time out here on the road. Right now we're sitting in Cincinnati and it's freezing cold! Everyone bought ridiculous beanies in order to keep warm. (Us desert dwellers aren't used to this crazy winter weather.)

Thanksgiving is coming up! We're super excited for that, we'll be hanging out with a close friend in PA, getting our feast on! Make sure you guys come see us on tour, there aren't many dates left!!

All the love,

--Jared and The Maine

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