Artist Of The Week: The Internationals Of 2008 -- Kate Nash, Paddy Casey, Yelle, Calle 13

This week, we're taking a look back at los Artists of the Week quien aren't Américains. So let's revisit some of our most talented foreign friends, non?

Kate Nash: The sometimes-sweet, sometimes-sour British singer-songwriter played plucky piano and extolled the virtues of her favorite baked goods. Meanwhile, several of you applauded yourself for knowing about the British first. Watch Kate Nash's Artist of the Week videos here.

Calle 13: Puerto Rican duo Residente y Visitante got lyrically, metaphorically, bombastically political in their Artist of the Week spots, which were centered around the importance of voting in the 2008 American presidential election. Watch Calle 13's Artist of the Week videos here.

Paddy Casey: The disarmingly soulful Irish singer-songwriter painted broad strokes of Bob Dylan with his hit, "Addicted to Company," and won us over with quirky covers of Outkast and Blackstreet. Watch him warm up a stool in his favorite pub and gain the support of a church choir in his Artist of the Week videos.

Yelle: The quirky, flirty French Tecktonik hip-hop tart engaged in universal boy-issue lament set to hyper computerized blips and beeps and Casio beats. Watch Yelle's Artist of the Week videos here.