New Video: Boys Like Girls, 'Heels Over Head'

If Boys Like Girls hadn't made it big as heartthrobby rock stars, they could've had a backup career in P.R. Not only do the guys know how to pour on the charm when they have to -- and yes, we're referring to The Time Martin Totally Almost Proposed To Us at the Woodies -- but they're practically the masters of positive spin.

In Boys Like Girls' world, a fizzling summer fling is a time for waxing poetic ("You'll always be my thunder") and a losery night in becomes "a first-class ticket to a night all alone." But sadly, not even the glass-is-half-full BLG boys can find the (nonexistent) upside of getting brutally dumped.

So watch their new video, "Heels Over Head," off From The Read Between the Lines DVD, admire the guys' energetic performance skills (and unique taste in pastries), and try not to channel hatey vibes towards the evil questionably sane girl who took off with the Boys' hearts and left them "stuck here with the ghost of what we used to be."