Weekend Buzz Bites: Britney Spears Joins The Circus; Beyonce Is A Diva

+ Britney Spears is joining the circus! (no jokes here, folks...nope, nothin' to see). To celebrate the release of her upcoming album, Circus, Briters is staging her very own fan circus at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square on December 1. Diehard fanzies can sing, dance, or wrestle lions in order to prove their unwavering devotion to the pop diva. Can anyone say greatest show on Earth? (MTV News)

+ Beyonce is such a diva, just FYI. On Saturday, Mrs. Carter-Fierce shot the second video for her next release, "Diva" off of her I Am...Sasha Fierce album. Sadly, Justin Timberlake will not be appearing as a back-up dancer in this one. Alas! (Rap-Up)

+ Travis Barker won't be flyin' the friendly skies anytime soon, and who can blame him? The former blink-182 drummer is suing pretty much anyone and everyone involved in his September plane crash with DJ AM. 1-800-LAWYERS!!! (MTV News)

+ Ludacris and T-Pain rocked the house on SNL this weekend with two kick-ass performances. But holy hilariousness = their Blizzard Man sketch with Andy Samberg! (Hulu)

+ B-A-N-A-N-A-S! No Doubt is getting the band back together! After four long years, Gwen Stefani and the guys will hit the road on a world tour. (MTV News)

+ Kanye West's apartment is too nice to play rap music in. Know this. (Kanye Universe City)

+ Are Paris Hilton and Avril Lavigne besties now? They were holding hands on Saturday night at The Villa after party in Los Angeles. LYLAS much? (Gawker)

+ Someone made a picture of Eminem ... with, uhm, M&Ms. Big lulz. (Idolator)