Weekend Report: 'TRL' Ends, A New Buzzworthy Blogger Begins, Justin Brings Sexy Back... In A Leotard

I know, I know -- the end of the TRL era is pretty traumatizing, but perhaps this will help ease the blow -- an addition to the Buzzworthy family: Erica, who pledged her allegiance to Britney Spears years ago, and hasn't looked back since. She's written for the NY Observer, the NY Press, and is an expert celeb blogger. When she's not writing about all things buzzworthy, she can usually be found obsessively watching videos on mtvmusic.com, deconstructing episodes of The Hills or eating cupcakes (mostly eating cupcakes, actually). Check out her first post right here, and don't do something mean like try to sell her a pool pass when you know there's no pool at Buzzworthy High! Anyway, welcome, Erica!

+ OK, I know that we're all in devastation mode re: TRL, and I hear ya. The next few days are gonna be rough. However, I'm positive I have a solution that will help us all pick up the shattered pieces of our lives and move on dot org with grace and dignity: Justin Timberlake in a leotard; Srsly please tell me you watched Saturday Night Live. Our boy (well, mine ...) Justin Timberlake brought some hardcore funny as a male back-up dancer in Beyonce's "Single Ladies" music video, and then absolutely killed during a special appearance on Weekend Update. Trust me: if you watch nothing else on the Internet ever again, you must not miss Timberlake in his Danskins. (Buzzfeed)

+ Beyonce was pretty darn hilars herself on SNL AND she performed two songs off her new album, I Am... Sasha Fierce: "If I Were A Boy" and "Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It)." (Concrete Loop)

+ Oh no she di-int: Ashlee Simpson checked into the hospital on Saturday, leading us all to believe that baby Wentz had finally arrived. But, alas, bump watch '08 is back on after Ashlee checked out a short time later. (Life & Style)

+ Modern love is so adorbs: Kelly Osbourne and 18-year-old male model Luke Worrall apparently announced to the world that they were getting hitched ... via Luke's Facebook status. Upcoming plans for the wedding will be posted on their MySpace pages, with honeymoon scoop going straight to their Twitter feeds. Ahhh, love 2.0! (Evil Beet)

+ Dear Everyone: pls just leave Miley Cyrus alone already; i.e. stop hacking into all her stuff! Kthxz0rzbye!!!1! (MTV News)

+ Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey plan to share in a Christmas tradition that has nothing to do with sugarplums OR mistletoe; apparently in the Cannon household, it's all about the bikinis (duh). Mariah and all her besties like to get into their suits, roll around in the snow and finish off the night in the hot tub. Gawd bless us ... everyone. (The Superficial)

+ Cute Overload much? The P.S. 22 Children's Choir in NYC does a fab cover of Tori Amos' "1,000 Oceans." Kids sing the darndest things! (Perez Hilton)

+ Oh yeah ... almost forgot: Did you guys hear that TRL's over? 3:30's never gonna be the same again.