'Total Finale Live' -- Performances, Photos, Interviews & More

Beyonce may have put a ring on it as she waved bye, bye, bye to a pop culture phenomenon on tonight's Total Finale Live farewell to TRL, but nothing -- not even a diamond -- is forever.

TRL is officially dunzo, but you've still got hours of live performances, behind-the-scenes photos, interviews, and more to relive.

So you go do that.

Goodnight, Taylor Swift! I didn't get to sign your yearbook, but hopefully we'll have a class together next year.

Thnks fr th Mmrs, Fall Out Boy -- Sisky, you were the best fake-Pete ever.

Goodnight, Kid Rock. You make cigars seem sort-of cool, even if they smell like rotten old man.

Goodnight, Nelly. Thank you for finally losing the Band-Aid.

Good night, Miley Cyrus in the photo booth. Be careful what you do with those photos, 'kay?

Goodnight, William Beckett's hair and Andy Hurley's F+++ City stickers and hoodies, which I constantly have to get digitally blurred out of photos and videos before I can post them.

Goodnight, Quddus. You've aged like the finest of wines. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk.

Goodnight, people still drinking while I soberly, sorely blog at 4:38am.

Goodnight, my bed. I wish I were in you!

Goodnight, Jesse Camp, wherever you're sleeping tonight, if you sleep, if you're not actually an 8th Street vampire or something.

Goodnight, "Baby One More Time." Hearing you always feels like the very first time, every single time.

Goodnight, Kevin Jonas, even though you weren't there.

And don't forget -- BUZZWORTHY PLAYS VIDEOS!