Total Backstage Live!

Total Finale Live is halfway over, but the party's barely started backstage. Here's everything you won't see on camera that's happening backstage right now...

+ 10:30-something? WTRL? The show's OVER? I'm off to go get these interviews up for you -- Good Charlotte, TAI's Sisky, Nelly, and more. Read the always-hilarious Jim Cantiello's play-by-play of the show for more!

+ 10:01 Ludacris chills on the couch in the green room and watches 50 Cent perform while Kid Rock looks on, smoking a cigar.

+ 9:58 Just when 50 Cent is finally making his way toward the studio, Kid Rock shows up.  "Ohhhh. I never met this guy before," Kid says.  When the two greet each other, Kid Rock tells 50, "Eminem always tells me I need to meet you when I'm in Detroit."

+ 9:52 Hilary Duff was reminiscing about her first TRL experience -- standing in front of the big window facing Broadway while the fans cheered for her on the street. "I didn't ever want to leave the window!"

+ 9:44 50 Cent and Diddy met each other during a MTV News interview outside of the studio. 50 joked to Diddy about trying to get his spot producing shows at MTV, then they both laughed about who's making the most money.  After Diddy left, 50 had a question for the crowd in the hallway -- "Ok, be honest. Who's cooler? Me or Puff?"

+ 9:34 Justin Timberlake was dancing in his dressing room to Snoop's "Drop It Like It's Hot."

+ 9:27 Snoop Dogg is patiently posing for photo after photo after photo....

+ 9:20 Ludacris is signing a TRL yearbook while JC Chasez chills in the VIP room.

+ 9:16 Teyana Taylor's testing out the TRL photo booth!

+ 9:10 We The Kings are talking shop with Joel and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte.

+ 9:00 The Academy Is ... bassist Adam Siska was the man behind the Pete Wentz mask!

+ 8:45 Snoop Dogg says he thinks they should convert the times square studio in to a club (and he should be made part owner for coming up with the idea). Also, Nelly says he's gonna miss the energy of TRL and seeing the fans and artists coming together in such a way.

+ 8:40 No Pete Wentz, but definitely a man wearing a Pete mask when Fall Out Boy came down to the TRL studio during the show. The guys had just a few minutes to make their rounds before everyone went down to the street for their performance.

+ 8:37 As Justin Timberlake went to his dressing room, Diddy walked out of another room and greeted manager Johnny Wright.

+ 8:35pm Justin Timberlake just came in the TRL studios... one VIP saw him and told her friend, "oh my God. Justin Timberlake is here."

+ 8:27 Benji and Joel Madden were doing an interview at the TRL stage door when Joel's ex, Hilary Duff, walked by within inches! Looked over her shoulder straight-faced and blew by.