'TRL' Finale -- We're Just A Few Minutes And One Beyonce Performance Away

Here on the main floor of 1515 Broadway, producers, equipment guys and camera people who've worked on the show since day one are hugging, taking photos, and taking advantage of their last night together. The PA system's going off every few seconds with sound checks and show clips, while back-up dancers and stylists rush in and out of dressing rooms and producers with clipboards race by. Carson Daly just came through the production hall in a suit and wished everyone good luck.

The audience is filing in through the back hallway, and the crowd jamming up the streets of Times Square is getting bigger and bigger every time I go and look outside the picture windows as the countdown ticks nearer and nearer to the beginning of Total Finale Live -- and the end of 10 years of TRL.

So far, I haven't espied your Justin Timberlake, but I HAVE seen Beyonce -- from my seat in the control room, where we're watching her and her band rehearse live. I don't even think she has any makeup on, and she looks Be-yond Be-autiful, and sounds like a house on fire, put out with a bucket of honey. In the words of the emaciated Rachel Zoe, I DIE! See it for yourself in MINUTES when Beyonce performs live on Total Finale Live!