'Total Finale Live' -- Times Square Goes 'TRL'-Crazy One Last Time

Tony Yayo's here and so is Ludacris, who just headed into his dressing room to get ready for his rehearsal. Across the street from the TRL studios are masses of screaming, sign-waving, freaking-out fans the likes of which shut down Times Square back in the heyday of Backstreet and *NSYNC mania and, more recently, during the Jonas Brothers' week-long stint hosting TRL this past September.

Only a few hours ago, Times Square was normal-nuts, and now that it's dark out and Total Finale Live's less than two hours away, it's like New Year's Eve-nuts -- exciting, and little sad, and heavy with the reality that we're counting down to the end of something big that we can never get back once it's gone.

Okay, enough emo-ness from me. I'm off to watch Ludacris' dress rehearsal!

ZOMG BTW Jesse Camp just got here, and he's taller than two mes stacked on top of myself and somehow maybe even skinnier than Bill Kaulitz!