Behind The Scenes With Fall Out Boy

** UPDATE: Watch Fall Out Boy's exclusive backstage interview here! **

Times Square's rarely an "easy" place to navigate. Couple that with Fall Out Boy sound checking on a flatbed on Broadway and 44th Street on Sunday afternoon, a handful of cameras on cranes, and rows of hundred-pound rotating lights illuminating the whole scene, and you've basically got a no-bake recipe for what I can refer to as ... a congested situation that starts with the word "cluster" and ends with the first word of Andy Hurley's clothing line.

After Fall Out Boy finished their sound check, I squeezed my way out of the crushing throng of confused tourists, which was only slightly more difficult than pushing through a brick wall, made my way back into the MTV building, pulled Fall Out Boy out of the TRL green room -- where everyone was watching the Giants' game -- and into a slightly quieter venue suitable for a Buzzworthy interview -- Carson Daly's dressing room!

Stay tuned for an exclusive backstage interview with Patrick, Andy, Joe, and... um ... "Pete!"