Inside The 'Total Finale Live' Production Meeting!

Format meetings -- usually a staid affair where everyone involved in putting together a live MTV show runs down the minute-by-minute show schedule, production notes and needs, and lots of logistics, and techy camera stuff, except this meeting included Damien (who was catching lots of the backstage stuff on a Flipcam) and Lyndsey -- both sharing a chair, as you do with your work bestie -- and TRL alum and ex-officio like Hilarie Burton, Quddus, Carson Daly, La La Vasquez (everyone cheered when she walked in) and a super smiley Dave Holmes. Everyone was hugging, reminiscing with producers and camera dudes, and generally looking happy to be back together. It's like a high school reunion, except famouser!

I'm off to go see who's in hair and makeup! I'll keep keeping you posted on more BTS Total Finale Live stuff all night!