Woodies Postgame Report: The Night We Kicked It With Paramore, Hung With Locksley And Saw Our Reflection In Santogold's Dress

What'd you guys do Wednesday night? Nothing? Sounds like fun! Hey! Wanna know what we did?? We went to mtvU's 2008 Woodie Awards, flirted with Boys Like Girls on the red carpet, got rejected (and un-rejected!) by the All American Rejects, found out Paramore's favorite movie and sat with Locksley and Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin.

Okay, rewind. We've (occasionally) been known to exaggerate (or, as we like to call it, "make the story better') so we should probably back up and start at the beginning. Which brings us back to 5:45pm yesterday, the time we arrived at the mysteriously dark/freezing place called New York's Roseland Ballroom, grabbed our press pass and saw Santogold (looking super cute n' cozy in a gray hoodie and hoop earrings!) rehearsing on stage with Spank Rock.

Note: There were no pictures allowed inside before the show (Not that they would've come out, anyway -- mysteriously dark place, remember??) so you'll have to settle for this red carpet shot of Santogold wearing a shiny, silvery dress by Marc Jacobs that appears to be made from 100% Reynold's Wrap (though Santo swears it's actually way "softer" and more skin-friendly). And she's posing with Lykke Li. (LOVE her!)

Okay, by now it's, like, 7pm, and we're freezing our cute little tushies off (Did we mention the red carpet is inexplicably out of doors?) but now that people are arriving, we (almost) don't even care!

In addition to Santogold, we've already seen hip-hopper Asher Roth (he was raving about Q-Tip), the All American Rejects' publicist (who informs us that her Rejects will not be talking to us) and --- OMG! There For Tomorrow is here and their hair looks even prettier in person. (Swoon!) Also: It's Andrew McMahon from Jack's Mannequin! And he's rocking a major, Super Troopers-style 'stache!

It's a few minutes after 7 and suddenly EVERYONE's here at once. We're literally overwhelmed by the number of feathered side-swept 'dos, vintage band tees and intimidating piercings (which are WAY more Hot Topic than they are Claire's Accessories). We just ogled Vampire Weekend, and chatted with TFT, Kid Sister, Kim Stoltz, Chasing Arrows, All American Rejects (HA! Take that, publicist lady!) and Motion City Soundtrack. And now Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls is standing right in front of us and ... stealing our tape recorder(??)

It's official. We're head-over-heels in love with Martin, the feeling is mutual, and it's only a matter of time before we run away together and ... oops, there we go again with the whole "exaggeration" thing. Hmm, guess we're still reeling from the fact that Martin (who didn't steal our recorder so much as borrow it) TOTALLY made flirty eyes at us, jumped over to OUR side of the velvet rope and interviewed his bandmates for us. Easiest gig ever?

After a few more carpet interviews -- Locksley, Chasing Arrows, All Time Low, Paramore (FYI, Hayley is even tinier/more adorable in person, and Jeremy fessed up to his all-time fave movie: Teen Wolf) it's time to make our way inside and try to find our seats. Fortch, by some amazing stroke of luck, we end up accidentally-on-purpose following Lockley's manager (publicist?) into V.I.P. and plunking ourselves down next to the Rejects (We meet again!) Chasing Arrow and Andrew McMahon. Technically, we're not sitting "with" them so much as "uncomfortably near them" but no time for semantics now. It's showtime!

Okay, we're not gonna tell you TOO much about the show right now, other than to say the performers were AMAZING (especially Santogold and Vampire Weekend), we may or may not have spilled a drink on Moby and you should absolutely positively stay tuned ... because we'll be giving you lots more deets about the performances/show next week.

So check back here, and do NOT forget to watch the 2008 Woodie Awards when they air next Wednesday, November 19 on mtvU. Until then, catch up on all our Woodies coverage and head over to mtvU for more extras/bonus footage. YAY, WOODIES!

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