The Best-Ever Live 'TRL' Performances

Y'all, I'm like sitting here up to my knees in Puffs Plus (the extra-aloe kind), bawlin' like a bambino over the last-ever afternoon episode of TRL, which aired today.

And when the All-American Rejects weren't busy pulling up the floor boards (hey, we're gonna need those for the TRL finale this Sunday!), Damien and Lyndsey counted down the top 10 live performances of TRL's 10-year history.

Chart toppers included a medley of Snoop Dogg classics, Alicia Keys' 2007 performance of "No One," and  Outkast "Hey Ya"-ing on Halloween in 2003.

But it's most fitting that the princess of TRL, Britney Spears, whose 2003 performance of "Me Against the Music," came in at #7, right beneath TRL's crown prince, Justin Timberlake and the rest of consummate TRL boy band *NSYNC, who made it to the #10 spot for their 1998 performance of "Tearin Up My Heart." Meanwhile JT's 2002 solo performance of "Like I Love You" won him the distinguished honor of the #1 top TRL performance ever.

+ Watch Britney, Justin, and *NSYNC's performances, and check out more of the all-time biggest and best live TRL performances. And don't miss Justin himself -- plus JC Chasez (bringing us two steps closer to an *NSYNC revival!), Backstreet Boys, Snoop, Beyonce, Ludacris, Nelly, Diddy, Hilary Duff, Good Charlotte, Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, 50 Cent, and more this Sunday, November 16 at 8pm ET on Total Finale Live.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go pull myself together and then go downstairs and loot! (Maybe the photo booth hasn't been swiped yet!) See you Sunday!