Hit The Lights Tour Diary, Part 4: Drawn Together

After chatting it up with Hit The Lights' buddies Motion City Soundtrack at last night's Woodie Awards (more about that later! Promise!) we were super psyched to see they'd already sent us their latest tour diary. Turns out, the boys have been soaking up the sun, sharing "energy drinks" with Forever the Sickest Kids, and getting ready to spare some innocent possums' lives (it'll make sense in a sec) by ditching the van...and heading to the U.K.

So check out what our main man Nick Thompson -- also known (to himself) as "St. Nicholas" -- had to say about kicking it in Florida and chowing down on tasty pastry, plus peep the HTL portrait that the guys are calling "one of the most amazing things we've ever seen."

Oh Sh*t, shake dat ass mah and WHAT IS UP PEEPS?! I'm typing from the back of our van (a.k.a. The Possum Destroyer - and yeah, she's eaten a possum or two) chilling before our show at The Red Door in Pensacola, Florida. YEE EFFIN' HAH!

We had a day off from the Sassy Back tour and decided we wanted to play some mo'. Florida weather has been good to us thus far -- it feels amazing out right now, let's keep it up huh? Tomorrow we'll be rejoining the tour again so no worries. I think some of the boyz in FTSK are coming down tonight to hang, EXCELLENT CHOICE if I do say so myself (and I do!).

20 more days on this tour and then we're off to repay the U.K. in TURD MELTING ROCK N' ROLL with our good friends in Bayside. We haven't been over there since Colin was in the band, so we're excited to show the limeys what's up. I got a new camera and I'm trying to take pictures with it so expect some ultra sick photos from me and the boys!

By the way, we recently were sent this picture from our good friend Todd at DudeBRO ART which is probably one of the most amazing things we've ever seen:

Best stuff ever, visit the MySpace and tell him how talented he is. Big thanks to all the people singing our songs on the tour and/or bring us home-baked pastries. We've been mowing down on them while listening to our boy George Noory on Coast to Coast AM (CC Crew in full effect tonight). If you don't know what that is, get on it...HARD!

Expect more video updates soon, we've got some good stuff for you folks. Hope everyone's Halloween was as scary as ours was, I'll be back on here soon enough. Come check us out on the Sassy Back Tour if you haven't already, cause' EVERYONE deserves a good ear bashing!


Saint Nicholas (I luh dem' Ho-Ho-HOES)


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