Beyonce Embraces The Power Of Three In The New Issue Of 'V'

For most people, taking one halfway decent photo can be damn near impossible. But when you're as annoyingly photogenic as Beyonce (and her showy alter-ego, Sasha), the real challenge lies in choosing just one picture-perfect snapshot for your latest magazine cover. Decisions, decisions! Fortunately, B. only had to narrow it down to her top three for the current issue of V magazine.

Noze, you're not seeing triple -- the latest V boasts three (count em', three!) amaaaaaahzing Beyonce covers, plus an in-depth look at this mysterious Sasha character (whom Beyonce credits with inventing the term "freakum dress" and the lyrics to "Bootylicious"), PLUS a revealing chat with Beyonce herself, who admits "it's really hard sometimes to stay on Earth when you're a celebrity."

So grab a copy -- or three -- and for an extra dose of Vitamin B, re-watch Miss Knowles' latest videos to find out where Sasha starts and Beyonce ends, and catch one (or both!) of her larger-than-life personalities this Sunday, on the TRL finale extravaganza, Total Finale Live.