Should Tokio Hotel Take A Break? One TH Fan Site Thinks So!

Initially I thought Tokio Hotel looked fine to me when I interviewed them on Halloween -- Tom always wears shirts he could swim in, and Bill's always looked like he could easily fit both of his legs into just one leg of my pants.

However when I saw this photo of them from the EMAs...

... I kinda had to start leaning toward agreeing with Tokio Hotel fan sites like Tokio Hotel Rocks -- they're so concerned about the boys and their grueling schedule of concerts and appearances, that they started an online letter-writing campaign asking Tokio Hotel to slow down, even it means waiting a little bit longer (if you will) for their next album.

+ Find out more about Tokio Hotel Rocks' effort to play mother hen and tuck the boys into bed for less maje "kino," and a more "huhn" soup and R&R.

Plus, watch three videos inspired to take a load off -- Ringo Starr (not to be confused with Gringo Starr) & His All-Starr Band's cover of The Band's classic "The Weight," (sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Take A Load Off, Annie"), and, after the jump, The Academy Is...'s "Slow Down."