New Video: David Cook, 'Light On' + Buzzworthy Interview Sneak Peek!

Thanks, everyone, for all of the David Cook questions. I haven't met a more down-to-earth, good-natured, scene-free artist in ages -- no small feat considering winning American Idol means, at the very least -- front-page news, a spot on Saturday Night Live, and a national TV spot featuring you dancing around in your skivvies -- he seemed truly touched that so many DC fans submitted so many thoughtful questions.

Of the many things David discussed in the interview today, he shared his favorite author (that disemboweling scene's a CLASSIC!), boiled down his experience on American Idol to just three words, told us that he's THISCLOSE to getting a dog (aww!), and told us about one fan gift he may be regifting to Mom. Or not.

Check back next week for the video footage of David Cook's Buzzworthy interview. And until then, watch his new video, "Light On" -- shot at L.A. Valley College in Los Angeles.