TRL Celebrates 10 Years Of #1 Hits + Awkward Moments!

We looooove uncomfortable moments. The cringier the better! Which is why today's Top 10 Most Awkward Moments TRL show was better than watching back-to-back episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, followed by a Ben Stiller movie marathon!

In addition to learning that Mark Wahlberg + Carson Daly + Eminem = Most Painful Interview Ever (and the #3 most awkward moment in TRL history) we also discovered that Mel Gibson ain't too fond of "actress"/plastic surgery victim Tara Reid's "bitchy, gold-digging ways" (#2 Most Awkward Moment), and we  developed a new-found appreciation for Liam Gallagher (#1).

And when we weren't marveling at the inherent awkwardness of live, unscripted TV interviews, we were reliving the Top Ten #1 Videos of The Past Ten Years. From Britney's 1999 "Baby One More Time" schoolgirl fantasy to Justin Timberlake's post-breakup rebuttal -- "Cry Me A River," 2002 -- today's countdown made us nostalgic for simpler times, when the Backstreet Boys reigned supreme -- and EVERYONE knew how to correctly punctuate "*NSYNC."

And since today's all about celebrating awkward moments and #1 hits, we figured we'd take another look at the video that brings back still-painful memories of That Night We Got Booed Off Stage At Karaoke. And for the record, we still stand by our loud, slurry -- and slightly pitchy -- rendition of Kelly Clarkson's "Behind These Hazel Eyes," which was also the #1 TRL video of 2005. And since, thank Jonas, we don't have the whole thing captured on YouTube you'll have to watch Kelly's real deal instead. How she hit those high notes, we'll never know...

+ Got TRL? Not for long, you don't! (Weep!) Check out the rest of the videos from todays' Ten Years Of #1's countdown, and don't miss Total Finale Live on Sunday, November 16 at 8pm ET.