Video Interview: The Story Behind Taylor Swift's 'Love Story'

Remember back in September when we told you Taylor Swift's "Love Story" video was just a precursor for her impending Elizabethan-themed nuptials to a certain Jo Bro? Well, based on Taylor's subsequent remarks (about getting dumped via cell phone by Middle Jonas himself) we're thinking that "CONGRATS, YOU'RE ENGAGED!" card we sent to the future Mrs. J might've been just a teensy bit premature.

And even if we were slightly off the mark about Taylor's so-called wedding dress (turns out it was just some OTHER long, flowy, white frock -- who knew??) you can't really blame us for getting all caught up in Taylor's stylized, Rapunzel-meets-Pride-and-Prejudice fairy tale.

Fortch, this story still has a happy ending. Despite her recent Jonas kerfuffle, the real-life Taylor still seems to be totally in love with the idea of being in love. (You go, girl!) So on this historic day (Taylor's new aptly-named album, Fearless, hit stores this afternoon!) check out what the blushing non-bride had to say about the making of "Love Story." Then, relive the fantasy by taking another look at Taylor's non-wedding dress, and her nonexistent makeout sesh with The Man Who Would Be Jonas.