Buzz Bites -- 11/11/2008: Awwww, Chris Brown Is The Best Non-Boyfriend A Girl Could Ever Have!

+ Rihanna was feeling kinda sad after her maybe-fainting-episode last week... so her totally platonic "pal" Chris Brown bought her $800 worth of lingerie to cheer her up! Hey, smooth move, Chris! After all, nothing says "We're just friends" quite like the non-refundable purchase of sexy, lacy undergarments. (Mirror - UK, via I'm Not Obsessed)

+ Miley Cyrus sez Barack Obama's daughters Sasha and Malia may be showing off their acting chops -- as her newest Hannah Montana costars! GOBAMA! (MTV News)

+ Unfortunately, the Obama fam says this is the first they've heard of it. Whoopsers! (MTV News)

+ British pop singer Adele isn't convinced those Jo Bros are as chaste as they'd have you believe. "Millions of girls fancy them!" she recently told Glamour. "If the Jonas Brothers are virgins - then I'm a man." (ContactMusic)

+ apologizes to actress Kelly Reilly for "any potential embarrassment" caused by their (mistaken!) report that she and Guy Ritchie have been gettin' it on. (

+ Memo to Amy Winehouse: We'll never make another beehive joke again if you promise to ditch the $5 perm once and for all. (Scandalist)