Bill Kaulitz Promises A New Side Of Tokio Hotel On The Band's Upcoming Album

Still no title or release date for Tokio Hotel's next album (oh, lunchtime poll -- which are you more excited for -- the Twilight movie, or the new Tokio Hotel album? Seriously, it's a hard and probably unfair question), but Bill did promise MTV News that the follow-up to Scream will be a new side of and sound from the band.

Watch the video below, find out more about TH's new album, and watch all four of Buzzworthy's Halloween interviews with Tokio Hotel! Oh yeah, and a Tokio Hotel-Aerosmith collabo would be such epic kino that I can't even deal right now. "Walk This Way" and "Love In An Elevator" rule as hard as "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" sucks!

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