Buzz Bites -- 11/10/2008: Marilyn Manson's Ex Sez She'll Always Have A Soft Spot For The Lord Of Darkness

+ Actress Evan Rachel Wood is totally not sorry she dated Marilyn Manson. Instead, she says she's "always going to love and respect him. " Awww/eww! Oh, and FYI, she's single and doing "as best as can be expected." (

+ Britney Spears' beh beh boy Jayden James was hospitalized over the weekend! Apparently, JJ "had a reaction to something he ingested" but Brit's folks says he'll most likely be sleeping in his own bed again by tomorrow.  (Britney Spears' website, via MTV News)

+ Taylor Swift is officially done talking about Joe Jonas. "He’s not in my life anymore, and I have absolutely nothing to say about or to him." (NY Times)

+ Meanwhile, Taylor's got bigger problems. Like the fact that she can't even go to Victoria's Secret without getting swarmed by paparazzi. (NY Post)

+ Are Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil headed for divorce court? We don't have a Magic 8-Ball or anything, but our sources say yes. (Scandalist)

+ Although Courtney Love sez she's a big fan of gay nuptials, she accidentally voted "Yes" to Prop 8, an amendment banning same sex marriage. Oopsies! (Defamer)

+ Mariah Carey admits she and Nick Cannon waited until getting hitched before getting horizontal. Insert [Hey, that explains the whirlwind engagement!] joke *here.* (Dlisted)

+ Justin Timberlake conquers his fear of remixes and teams up with T-Pain for a hot new verse in "Can't Believe It." (MTV News)