Got A Question For David Cook?

Just look at David Cook and how obviously open he is to answering your questions! You can hardly tell that behind that leather door are 16 trillion rabid fans, and if you don't send me you the questions you want me to ask David when I interview him this Tuesday, November 11, (which is the same day I'm interviewing David Archuleta!), they could beat that door down and smother poor David with the brute force of their desire to make out with him and get their hands on his upcoming album.

HELP me HELP David Cook!

Leave your questions in the comments section of this post, and I'll try my absolute, mighiest mostest to ask them!

In the meantime, watch the brave object of your Idol affections discuss the Barbasol and bawlin' that went into his new album, and don't miss David Cook on TRL -- the last week EVAR! -- on Wednesday, November 12!