Fun With Facebook: Find, Watch & Share MTV Videos!

Those Facebook photos of you and your roommate carving Halloween pumpkins into the likeness of Onch were cute for a couple of days, but now they're starting to look as stale as that unhatched egg your cousin sent you (spoiler: it's a jellybean) and only slightly less boring than getting Superpoked.

Know what's NOT boring? Watching videos on Facebook... WHILE you tag photos of you and your friends dressed as a parade of Britneys this past Halloween, or send out a mass FacialBook invite for your Tokio Hotel Christmas tree trimming party -- wherein you decorate four little trees with dreadlocks, Skittles, and candy rats.

What I'm getting it is this: you can now search through MTV's super-massive library of more than 16,000 music videos, make playlists of your favorite videos (like a playlist for your Tokio Hotel tree trimming party, or your I Miss Onch Dance-A-Thon playlist), and see who else likes the same videos as you. And you can watch videos in full-screen mode. Now that's HUGE!

+ From Michael Jackson to Metro Station, you can watch thousands of old-school and new-school MTV videos on Facebook. It's MTV like it used to be, except now with the Internet too! W00t!!1!