Tokio Hotel Interview, Part 4: Bill's Statue, Gustav's Other Career Goals, And Everlasting Life!

I wish I could offer you a new Tokio Hotel interview every day, especially one where Bill Kaulitz bites the head off a rat, Ozzy Osbourne style! Instead, I leave you with the fourth and final segment of Buzzworthy's Tokio Hotel Halloween interviews.

Watch Bill discuss his wax statue, Gustav discuss his other job options (I'm not even kidding! I've never seen Gustav talk so much! And feel better soon, Gusti!), and then watch the guys get all philosophical and existential-like when confronted with the freaky-deaky fan question about eternal life!

Rewind and watch parts 1 through 3 here. And oh yeah, Tokio, congrats on the big EMA win! Majorly huge cinema! And TH Buzzworthy fans, thanks for all of the awesome questions!

+ Plus: Watch Irene Cara's "Fame," the best song ever devoted to living forever!