Artist Of The Week: The Breakouts of 2008 -- Santogold, Vampire Weekend, OneRepublic, & Chromeo

From a Grace Jones-soundalike on horseback, to "A Punk" prepsters, Talkboxing two-steppers, and an all-American pop-rock band with a penchant for holding grudges -- that's Santogold, Vampire Weekend, Chromeo, and OneRepublic, for the uninitiated -- we're taking a look back at the MTV Artists of the Week who've become the breakout artists of 2008.

+ Vampire Weekend: The Columbia U. prepsters made libraries, chinos, and Paul Simon cool again! Fittingly, their Artist of the Week videos were shot at Columbia and inspired you to look up the meaning of "kwasa kwasa." Watch Vampire Weekend's Artist of the Week videos here.

+ Santgold: The electro-pop shapeshifter graduated from A&R chick to the reason all those record industry types and music bloggers were tapping away furiously on their BlackBerrys. Less afraid of Spandex than M.I.A., Santogold took a head-on approach to her Artist of the Week videos, getting behind the wheel of some old-school bumper cars in Coney Island. Watch Santogold's MTV Artist of the Week videos here.

+ Chromeo: Forget the Naked Cowboy. Dave 1 and P-Thugg totally ruled Times Square, pumping their thinking man's sexy-chromatic hits through the heart of NYC from atop a Big Red Bus. That's one small step for keytars, one giant leap for Arab/Jewish relations. Watch Chromeo's "Fancy Footwork" and "Momma's Boy" videos.

+ OneRepublic: The Colorado fivesome, known for their mega hits "Apologize," and "Stop and Stare," got the royal treatment in their Artist of the Week videos, jousting Cable Guy-style at Medieval Times. By the way, this past September, "Apologize" became the #1 most (legally) downloaded song ever. Who's sorry now? Read an exclusive interview with the band, and watch OneRepublic's MTV Artist of the Week videos here.

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