Woodies Wednesday: All Time Low Counts Down Their Top 10 Fave Videos In Woodie Awards History

We'd like to say we love all our Woodie Awards categories equally. But truthfully, we can't help (not-so-secretly) playing favorites. And since we have this THING about rooting for the underdog, we've always been a wee bit partial to the Breaking Woodie -- the award given to the year's most promising newcomer.

So we were dutifully psyched when we found out we'd be getting some (virtual) face-time with one of this year's BW nominees, All Time Low.

Check out Woodie wannabes (and Dean's List hosts) Zack, Rian, Jack and Alex as they count down their top 10 favorite moments in Woodie Awards history, then head over to MTVu to find out which other videoss made the cut.

Plus, read up on the latest Woodie-related news, vote for ALL your favorite nominees and don't forget to tune in on Wednesday, November 19th for the big event!

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