Tokio Hotel Interview, Part 3: Cockroaches, Tom's Scar, And A Night With Jessica Alba!

In part one of Buzzworthy's Tokio Hotel's Halloween interview, the guys told you about their upcoming DVD, Bill's sort-of-secret tattoo, and their new album. And rats!

And yesterday, Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg revealed their dating status -- SINGLE! w00t! -- dispelled those Miley Cyrus collabo rumors, and talked parachute jumping and dressing up like "wampires," cowboys and The Hoff.

In part 3, Tokio Hotel answers more of your questions, and -- let's do this Jeopardy! style --  those answers involve cockroaches (I almost lost it just talking about those little MFers), the scar on Tom's cheek (watch for a super tender brotherly moment!), wish fulfillment, and Jessica Alba's babies (and I'm obviously joking about my suggestion that Tom have her babies and skip town, by the way, but if that one-night stand goes down, you never know...), in that order.

Watch! And stay tuned for the fourth and final segment, coming tomorrow!