New Video: T.I., Featuring Rihanna, 'Live Your Life'

Whether he's ogling beach bunnies in "Why You Wanna," telling it like it is in "No Matter What," or taking us from hot wings to hot tubs in "Whatever You Like," T.I.'s never exactly been lacking in the confidence department. Fortunately, he's also got the mic skills to back it up -- along with what our mom would call an overactive imagination.

And in his latest video, "Live Your Life," (also featuring Rihanna), T.I.'s living up to the hype, taking on the role a pinstripe suit-wearing mobster with "the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid."

Sure, it's all slightly overambitious and self-aggrandizing (did we mention everyone's morally bankrupt except T.I., who's part martyr, part action hero?), but it's also waaaay cinematic.

Watch T.I. get retro-gangsta -- and Rihanna go retro glam -- in his new video, "Life Your Life."