'TRL''s Top Video LOLs!

Some people refer to the Bible as the greatest piece of literature ever written. Others say it's Crime And Punishment. Ulysses, Hamlet, and Walden are up there too. And I've "heard" that Aristotle's Rhetoric is fairly on point too.

But why spend all that time on hundreds upon hundreds of tissue-thin pages when The Bloodhound Gang boiled down the possibilities of perfect prose to just four simple lines in their 1999 hit, "The Bad Touch"?

And those words are:


The kind you clean up with a mop and bucket/

Like the lost catacombs of Egypt/

Only God knows where we stuck it."

And The Bloodhound Gang and I aren't the only ones who'd agree -- the redonkulous video -- which features the guys, dressed as monkey rats (naturally!), on a super-offensive trip to Paris -- made it to #1 on  today's countdown of TRL's most LOL-iest music videos.

Watch the excruciatingly hysterical "The Bad Touch" video below (for reasons I still can't understand, by the way, I know the lyrics to this song backwards, forwards, upside-down, and double-time), watch the rest of TRL's funniest videos here, and find out more about the live finale of TRL on Sunday, November 16 at 8pm ET.