Buzz Bites: 11/4/2008: Keith Urban Publicly Encourages His Wife To Go Topless

+ At a BMI bash thrown in honor of his #1 hit, "You Look Good In My Shirt," country singer Keith Urban told his wife (Nicole Kidman) "you do look good in my shirt. And out of it!" TMI, much? (People)

+ NME names Crystal Castles' Alice Glass the Coolest Person in 2008. Her reaction? "I'm flattered, thank you, but back in school the people who held themselves in the same regard were also the biggest waste of skin I've ever met." Tell us how you really feel. (NME)

+ M.I.A. may be ineligible to vote in this country. But based on what she wrote on her MySpace page ("For you the words are Obama vs. McCain. For me, it's terror vs. genocide,") we have a feeling she's thinking Ralph Nader. (Spinner)

+ Jessica Simpson tells Cosmopolitan magazine that "If I get married again, then it will be the last time." Good thing, too, seeing as most nuptials nowadays tend to include that tricky "till death do you part" clause. (

+ Did you spend like, two hours in line today waiting to vote? Omigod, so did Fall Out Boy! You guys are, like, total twinsies -- ya know, except for the whole part about being hugely successful pop-punk rockers. And being married to Ashlee Simpson. (MTV News)

+ Meanwhile, get in the voting spirit with this election-themed playlist! Our fave song? Estelle's "American Boy." So topical! (Best Week Ever)

+ And finally: he may be a married man, but Usher ALWAYS knows how to work the ladies. (Rolling Stone)

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