New Video: Keri Hilson, 'Return The Favor'

We're not exactly sure how, when, of even if the mod, side-hairdo came back into fashion, but that doesn't stop Keri Hilson from totally pulling it off in her new video, "Return the Favor." And while her ensemble's slightly more unwearable (we're looking at YOU, futuristic metallic onesie!) Hilson still manages to look beyond gorge. But then again, this chick could look cutting-edge in a giant pickle barrel.

Slightly less out-there are the beats -- which sound an awful lot like Hilson and Timbaland's first collaboration, "The Way I Are" -- and the cameo from Timba himself, who scoots around on his rolling desk chair looking like a cross between Run-DMC and The Matrix.

Check out Keri Hilson's latest back-to-the-future video and the second single off her album, In A Perfect World.