Buzz Bites -- 10/27/2008: Singer/ Chain Smoker Amy Winehouse Hospitalized For Chest Pains, Ignoring Surgeon General's Warning

+ Boozy beehiver Amy Winehouse reportedly checked into a hospital over the weekend. According to her publicist, Amy is currently undergoing tests for a "chest infection." Also surprising: Amy Winehouse has a publicist. And lungs. (E! Online)

+ 50 Cent describes fellow rapper Kanye West as his "opposite." For the record, we would've gone with Kenny G. (MTV News)

+ Meanwhile, The Opposite of Fiddy (a.k.a Kanye) swears he was NOT responsible for leaking his new/unfinished track. "I DID NOT LEAK ROBOCOP!!!" writes Ye in his understated all-caps fashion. "I’M PRETTY UPSET ABOUT IT BUT THAT’S THE WAY LIFE IS SOMETIMES!" Truer words were never ranted... (MTV News)

+ Diddy finds a way to simultaneously piss off PETA and permanently humiliate his twins on cyberspace. Bad Boy fa life! (Dlisted)

+ This just in: Paris Hilton wants a new BFF... AND a place in the Oval Office. (Remote Control)

+ High School Musical 3 becomes a smashing box office success! Take THAT, Beverly Hills Chihuahua! (MTV Movies)

+ The Killers' NYC show featured a campy, white tiger backdrop that would've made Siegfried & Roy proud. (Rolling Stone)