5 Things You Never Knew About The Academy Is...'s Latest Album And New Video, 'About A Girl'

You guys already know one thing about The Academy Is...'s new video, "About A Girl": it's premiering on MTV tonight after an all-new episode of The Hills!! (Uh, for realz, this time.) But we're betting you didn't know what the video has to do with Van Nuys high school, a dude named "Half Baked" or shaving-cream-related blindness. Right?? Right.

So check out these two videos to find out five (more) things you didn't know about TAI's new soon-to-drop video, "About A Girl," PLUS five fun-filled bonus factoids about TAI's latest album, Fast Times at Barrington High. (Um, yeah, that's a grand total of TEN pieces of TAI-related trivia, for all you Jeff Spicolis/non-math majors out there.)

Oh, and don't be afraid to sit through tonight's Hills -- you know, just in case The Academy Is...'s new vid starts a few minutes early. And/or cause you're secretly DYING to know whether Audrina and Justin Bobby are finally dunzo...