New Anya Marina Photos

(Credit: Candice Lawler)

Anya Marina doesn't have Christina Aguilera's powerful pipes, Beyonce's undeniable star quality or Jennifer Lopez's showmanship. So what makes the Ann Arbor, Michigan native a force to be reckoned with? That'd be her soft, whispery sweet sound, quietly penetrating lyrics, and one of those breathy, little-girl voices that gives her music (dainty, trippy soft-pop melodies) an aura of whimsy mixed with worldliness.

Alternately vulnerable, hopeful and all-knowing, the DJ-turned-singer songwriter's mastered the rare art of crafting hauntingly pretty songs  ("26," "Move You" ) that float into the inner recesses of your mind when you least expect it. And her bold-but-ephemeral quality also translates into her pictures.

Check out these gorgeous, Warhol-esque shots of the songstress, and then check out Anya's MySpace page to hear "Miss Halfway," the soft, subtexty song that earned her a spot on the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack, a gig opening for Jason Mraz, a record deal (her album, Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II, is out in November) and our official Buzzworthy seal of approval.