Christina/Britney Smackdown: Who Wigs Out Better? Plus, 10 Years Of Xtina's Xtraordiary Style

It's no secret that Christina Aguilera's the master of reinvention. Over the past ten years, we've seen her go from squeaky teen queen (Think: "What A Girl Wants") to Debbie Does Dallas ("Dirrty") to recently-electrocuted can-can girl ("Lady Marmalade") to heavily-pierced loner ("Beautiful") to 1940's Hollywood glam ("Ain't No Other Man") and evolve from a self-proclaimed free spirit into a doting wife and mother in the process.

And after watching her perform a (stealth, cat burglar-style!) medley of her greatest hits at this year's VMAs, we couldn't wait to see what Christina would do, wear and sing next. Turns out, Xtina's taking a cue from Britney (just like old times!) by rocking a polyester hair look in her upcoming video, "Keeps Gettin' Better," that's Xtremely similar to Britney's mod waitress in "Womanizer." (Although, for the record, both women are really just disciples of that faux follicle pioneer, Lil' Kim.)

So which gal does a better job of getting wiggy wit' it? You tell us! Meanwhile, enjoy this stroll down Aguilera Memory Lane by checking out some of her most memorable looks, plus take another look at her Keeps Gettin' Better album cover (shot by the same photog who did Britney's Blackout album. Coincidence??)

+ Plus, relive the amazingness of Christina's VMAs medley ("Genie In A Bottle"/"Keeps Gettin' Better") now!