New Video: Chris Brown Featuring Keri Hilson, 'Superhuman'

We love Chris Brown. In fact, we might even go so far as to say that we're IN LOVE with Chris Brown. And so, whenever he makes a video (or even a Doublemint gum commercial), we generally sit up straight and take notice. But for whatever reason, "Superhuman" just isn't doing it for us. Which is weird cause we also happen to love Keri Hilson -- in a totally platonic (but nonetheless creepy) hero-worshippy sorta way.

Hmm, maybe it's the over-the-top choreography (particularly that melodramatic chest-clutching "My heart hurts!" move) that did it, or the fact that Keri's damsel in distress character is slinking around in 5-inch stripper heels. Or maybe it's that the hokey, power ballad lyrics (Ex: "It's not a bird / not a plane / it's my heart") and crazy, action movie-inspired car crash all seem kinda ... forced. Either way, it all feels like Chris is trying hard to recreate the magic of "No Air." Unfortunately, this time the end result just doesn't take our breath away.

+ Agree? Disagree? Check out "Superhuman" and "No Air" (after the jump) and let us know which Chris Brown video rocks your world.